Resident Info and FAQ

Information to tenants in AHA Property

CURRENT: Electricity is included in the rent on all our rooms in collectives and studio apartments, and the tenant does not need to arrange something here. When moving in to an apartment where the tenant pay the electricity, one representative from AHA Eiendom will register the electricity use at that time, and then send the customer change to TrønderEnergi. Power supplier is automatically Fjordkraft that we have negotiated a good deal with, but it can be changed later if desired. The tenant has the responsibility for this registering from that moment on. When moving out, a representative from AHA Eiendom will again meet the tenant and announce the customer change to TrønderEnergi.

INTERNET AND TV: Internet and cable TV are supplied mainly by GET (telephone 02123). The exceptions are Kalvskinnsgata that delivers Real Company websolution ( and the opportunity for SAI TV. In Kongens gate 34 and 49 it is analog signal for cable TV from Canal Digital. In Kongens gate 66 it can be ordered TV signal from SAI TV. Home Central Internet and television are installed in apartments GET deliver to. Tenants must contact GET and create customer relationship in order to activate the Internet, and optionally. order a TV decoder, although it is included for these apartments. If you want TV in your own room you can purchase one of Gets options, with prices from 49 NOK/month. Decoder ordered from GET via their call center or retrieved directly from their address Brattørkaia 15, 7010 Trondheim. By end of the rental period the tenant is responsible to terminate their relationship and return decoder to GET. This is done either by sending in mail or by delivering directly to their service office with the address above.

BOD / STORAGE: All units except Kongens gate 34 has a storage room belonging to the apartment. The apartments have their own storage room, while flats in the same collective share. Some of our apartments have both a storage room inside the apartment and one extra in the basement / common area. Collectives in our Student Village Camp Trondheim get doorlock from us, otherwise arranged this by tenant himself.

BIL- and bicycle: There are a limited number of regulated parking spaces available at some of our properties. As a resident you can apply to rent permanent parking. It costs 250-500 NOK/month, and have no binding / notice. We can also issue temporary parking permit (free up to 1 week) on our student city Camp Trondheim for the places behind Persaunvegen 54. This must be agreed with us at least two days in advance of the relevant period. Otherwise there is bicycle parking at all our properties. Do you live in the downtown area or in our student center, your bike must be marked with valid bike sticker.

WASTE MANAGEMENT: AHA's commitment to recycling and it is well adapted for garbage disposal at all our properties. Those who live in the city usually have only residual waste in close proximity inside the townhouse, but the nearest station for cardboard / paper, plastic and other waste materials such as glass / metal is never far away. At Camp Trondheim, we have also a recycling center for hazardous waste close to the bicycle parking. Glass and metal taken where the container at Coop Prix down the road.

DAMAGE, ERRORS AND OMISSIONS: If you want to notify us about errors in the apartment / property or need help to understand some of the technical, contact responsible caretakers of the property in question. Contact Info's common area for all our collective, and otherwise by elevator / entrance door of each of the buildings. Remember to advise your name and where you live.

MOVE, CHANGING OR CHANGES IN LIVING CONDITIONS: If you have questions about the contract, assembly / disassembly, Termination like, just an inquiry to some of us on rental. Info are also here by the elevator / entrance door of each of the buildings, as well as here on nettsiden.Ta preferably by e-mail, and we promise to answer you as fast as we can.


If you find a new tenant even only for a period and will return to the dwelling, we can make a deal on this as long as it is agreed in due time. It will not be granted the right to sublet without the landlord's written consent. The landlord has the right to be informed of all conditions applicable to subletting and get a copy of the sublet agreement that had to be created.

Inn / emigration

The rent is invoiced always advance with maturity the 1. every month. This also applies when moving, that it should be paid before getting over keys.

The contract can be digitally signed using bank ID or by hand as long as you get it scanned and sent by e-mail to hire responsible

Representatives from AHA meets you at the residence of the agreed date of occupancy. You undergo together a checklist for every room and fill move form the current emitted by us.

The check shall be agreed with us in advance, and no later than three working days before the contract start.

It is we who landlord who create deposit account in your name at the bank we use. Our bank is Handelsbanken.

All our deposit is 3 x monthly rent. The amount must be paid into the escrow account until the property could be acquired and keys handed over.

Camp Trondheim Student have their own contracts as student housing and here it is required 2 x month rent deposit.

The rent runs from contract start regardless of when moving in. Remember to deal migration time with us by e-mail, latest 14 days prior to the moving.

Subscribing errors / omissions

Errors / missing reported to the responsible caretaker on the property in question. Do any time by e-mail if it is not urgent. Contact information available at all our properties, usually at entrance / increase by mailboxes and the like. If you fail to make contact within our working hours Monday to Friday 8-16 or are unsure who to ask, please call our office telephone on 73890000.

Upon acquisition of the leased object must tenant in writing sending complain to the landlord within 1 week after moving in if there are missing or damaged at the holiday home that rents will not be responsible for the relocation.


The contract is for 3 year. The lease can be terminated once a year, either 30. June, or 31. July. Termination must be in writing / by e-mail 3 months ahead. (for liquidation 30. June must tenancy is terminated before 31. mars. Upon liquidation 31. July must tenancy is terminated before 30. april).

Should anything occur in the lease where the tenant will have to move out outside permanent emigration period he / she is by finding a new tenant for yourself. This is the tenant's full responsibility, and the tenant is first released from his contract after the new tenant has signed a new contract for the lease object. Please note that in such cases the landlord will scale up price by the CPI or market price.

practical consideration

Parties may, with one month's written notice, require rent regulated in response to changes in the consumer price index since the last fixing of the rent. Regulation can not be implemented one year after the last fixing of the rent in the works. The basis for the regulation is the consumer price index that existed a month before tenancy start.

Please contact us if you have lost your key, so we order up new as well as additional key we always have in our office. In case of loss of keys / key landlord has a right to cover all costs. We take 1200,- + VAT. loss of system key.

Within our business hours Monday through Friday between 8 and 16 please contact responsible caretaker for help lock at no extra cost. Outside our opening hours have such inquiries should be directed to NOKAS security service for our Student Camp Trondheim and otherwise to the property responsible caretaker, then at an hourly charge for the call out.

AHA Property has insurance policies that apply to the buildings themselves. Renters are responsible for insuring their contents.

It is not allowed with some types of pets in our homes. We have zero tolerance for all livestock, and regards this as grounds for dismissal when there are violations of signed contracts.


We take allocation of housing consecutively, but by the desire for housing to summer / semester this can wait until May, when we have received all redundancies and know what we want free from July / August.

You can enter the housing application with us anytime during the year, and we rent out continuously whenever we get some free.

The menu item "Renting with us"Takes you directly to Boligtorget, where you register as a new user and submit application.

You can apply for up to three different types of dwelling on Boligtorget.

Anyone can apply for housing with us in the AHA, with the exception of housing at our Student Camp Trondheim which assumes that you are just a student.

We have three days cooling off period after the main admission to higher education is going on around 20th July each year. This must then be documented to us, that we should cancel the previously signed contract. Important here is also that the deadline of only three (3) days adhered.

Electricity, TV and Internet

All inquiries regarding TV- and Internet subscriptions should be directed to our supplier GET, on the phone 02123.

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