Recycle is a project on the environment and recycling, created by us in the AHA Property. Recycle is a project about recycling bikes. We collect bikes that our tenants and others no longer want, send them to a workshop where they are repaired, repainted and marked, before they are ready as fully usable “recycles” from AHA.

To each summer and rental season it remains several bikes on our properties that nobody recognizes. This we find when tenants are moving in- and out during the summer months. Instead of throwing these, we will send those who can still be used on workshop. After a slightly upgrade, the bikes will be placed around on our properties, and perhaps even elsewhere in Trondheim – free to use for those who need to borrow a bike.

The project have now started in our student city Camp Trondheim, but as we collect more bikes they will come more places.

AHA Eiendom wants to encourage recycling, and we are very happy for any help in this project. Write to us in our contact form if you have a bike you no longer want to use – we collect it for you!

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